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Desktop or Mobile

1. Open the Customizer and click on the “Product” button in the vertical left-hand column. (Bottom of the page on mobile.) Choose your product.

2. Click on the Upload button in the vertical left-hand column. (Bottom of the page on mobile.) Upload an image or drag & drop from your computer.

Please note: If the quality of your uploaded image does not meet the Image File Requirements, you will receive an error and be unable to use the image.

*Shirt Sleeves, Hoods, and Clothing w/ Zippers can only be printed with Vector files in Flex ink.*

***Image Background must be (TRANSPARENT) if you do not want it to be printed.***

Pixel Designs (PNG, JPG, BMP, or GIF

Maximum file size: 10 MB.
Image resolution: at least 200 dpi for apparel.
Image resolution at least 400 dpi for non-apparel.
Maximum size: 4000 x 4000 pixels.
Minimum size1000 x 1000 pixels.
Design is isolated.

Vector Designs
(SVG, AI, and CDR files)

Maximum Size: 15 x 15 inches
Recommended Size: 11 x 11 inches
Line Diameter: at least 0.06 inches.
Maximum Colors: 3 for Plot Print (flex, flock, special flex).
*Vector files with more than 3 colors will be printed with Digital Direct.
Each color must be a separate layer.
All objects and text must be converted into paths.
Make sure that all curves are completely closed and do not overlap.

Poster Designs

Format: Portrait (2:3 / 3:4), Landscape (3:2 / 4:3) or Square (1:1)
Resolution: 200 dpi minimum.
Minimum size: Portrait: 4724 × 7087 px. Landscape: 7087 × 4724 px. Square: 4724 × 4724 px.
File formats: JPG, PNG.
Size limit: 100 MB.
Color profile: RGB or CMYK.
White design elements will not show up on the white poster backgrounds, you cannot print white designs.
Additional 2 mm margin on all sides (to avoid clipping).

Coffee Mug Designs

Lines and details should be a minimum of 0.5mm thick.
All parts of your design should be 100% opacity.
Half transparencies will not look like the preview.

Digital Direct, also called DTG or Direct-to-Garment, is the print method used on all FLUENT products. Customized products have many additional print methods available.

Digital Direct

In computer-controlled production, design colors are sprayed onto the product.
Available for all file formats.
Design surface feels smooth.
Slight vintage look.

Flex Print (Plastisol)

The design is printed onto a matte foil and then heat-pressed on the product.
Design must be in a vector graphics file.
Maximum of three colors per design.
Suitable for text and smaller designs (e.g. logos).
Design surface feels smooth.
Vivid Color.

Flock Print (Velvety)

The design is cut out of a velvety foil and then heat-pressed onto the product.
Design must be in a vector graphics file.
Maximum of three colors per design.
Design surface feels velvety.

Specialty Flex (Glitter, Neon, Glow-in-the-Dark)

The design is printed onto a special foil and then heat-pressed on the product.
Design must be in a vector graphics file.
Suitable for text and simple designs.
Only one color per design is possible.

Thermo Sublimation (Mugs & Phone Cases)

The design is printed onto a transfer foil and then put onto the product by means of thermal evaporation.
Available for all file formats.
Minimum resolution for pixel graphics: 400dpi

Direct-to-Film: Transfer Print (Vinyl)

The design is printed onto a carrier film and then heat-pressed on the product.
Available for all file formats.
Design surface feels smooth.

Digital Transfer / Laser Transfer (Bags & Hats)

The design is initially printed onto transfer foil and then printed on the product by applying heat.
White products use a transparent foil, colored products use a white transfer foil.
Available for all file formats.

Screen Printing

This classic printing technique uses stencils to mark out a design, which is transferred onto the garment by moving a blade or squeegee across a mesh screen. One color is printed for each screen, so several screens can be used for multicolored designs.


This technique creates a high-quality, raised design by stitching the design into a garment using a special embroidery machine.

Using the right print type gets the best out of your design

Choosing the right print type is vital when it comes to a product with a design you upload. As a rule of thumb, designs using just a single color tend to come out better with flex prints (smooth). Whereas, digital-direct printing is the better option for pixel graphics (.png, .jpg) displaying many colors. Please note that only up to 5 colors are possible to print for a single design. Some items such as mugs can only be printed by way of thermal sublimation.

How does it work?

First, choose the product that you desire and upload your design:

After you have selected your product and uploaded a design, you can proceed to choose the print method of your choice. The option to choose the print method can be found just above the color selection of the product:

You can select different print methods by clicking the arrow. Available print methods will show according to the design that was uploaded. If a print method is not available in the drop menu, it may not be compatible with the design that was uploaded.

Once the print type has been selected, please select your design color. If a design has a background, a color for the design print and background will need to be chosen separately. Please remember to choose a color that offers sufficient contrast for your design.

Keep in mind that color availability is dependent upon the print method selected.

After you have selected the product, print method and design color you are all set! Then, hit the “Next” button – done.

Colors may look different on the printed item than they appear on your computer monitor or phone screen.

This may be due to different reasons:

To print pixel designs, we need to render the color scheme from RGB to CMYK and make color corrections if necessary. This may lead to slight color variations. Every screen displays colors differently. A combination of brightness, contrast, and saturation can change color effects significantly. It is important to note, different color inks will show up differently on different color fabrics.

Dark colored designs printed on to dark colored material is difficult to see. In addition, light colored designs printed on to light colored material is also difficult to see. The best practice is to have a high contrast between the color ink and the color material chosen. This will avoid the design color from "blending in" with the material color.

Wash inside out up to 85°F / 30°C

Do not dry clean

Do not tumble dry

Do not use bleach or fabric softener

Do not spin or wring out strongly

Iron inside out, at medium heat, and without steam.

Designs should not touch each other during ironing, especially when it’s inside out.

By uploading content to, you confirm that your content does not infringe any laws or third-party rights like copyright, trademark, or personality rights.

Unless you provide a physical or electronic signature of a person authorized to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive copyright:

We will not print: Unofficial merchandise.

We will not print: Names, logos, pictures or other intellectual property of musical groups or musical artists.

We will not print: Names, logos, pictures, or other intellectual property of sports teams, colleges/universities, clubs or organizations.

We will not print: Characters, images, actors or likenesses from cartoon networks, comic books, video games, movies, and television shows.

We will not print: Trademarks, names, logos, or slogans for companies.

We will not print: photos, caricatures, or other artwork depicting a celebrity, alive or deceased.

Permitted unlicensed use of copyright-protected works —such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

First Amendment Form of Expression

Section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976

Fair Use of Copyrighted Works

Yes, but only before you order. Reach out to us on the Contact Form. We can upscale your photo to High Definition or make the background transparent. A $20 design fee applies.

When unpacking a product that was printed with Direct-to-garment (Digital Direct), you might sometimes notice a vinegary scent. Don't worry, this is absolutely normal.

It comes from the fixation agent (or pre-treatment) that is used to make sure the print will get into the fabric. Otherwise, the print wouldn't hold on to the product correctly.

To get rid of this scent, simply wash the product following our Care Instructions.

You can track your order here:

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